Tiny Houses

1:144 Scale Doll Houses to build & decorate

I’m in love with 1:144 scale at the moment, it’s turning in to an obsession. When I was a kid I always wanted a Polly Pocket but my Mum thought I’d lose it in a minute so I never got one. I think I must be making up for that as an adult as I can’t stop thinking about tiny houses. I’ve just designed my second and third as kits which you can make yourself, or if you like the idea of a tiny house but don’t fancy the building part, I can make one up for you painted or unpainted so you can just do the decorating.

My first was number 77… a Victorian style house which splits in half to reveal between 4-8 tiny rooms depending on how you make it.

The second is a multi story building. The lower floor can be used as a shop and the upper floors for living areas, or whatever you fancy. Again the building splits in two revealing 4 levels with 8 wide floors to fill with tiny treasures.

And my latest is a tiny three floored house on a stand. The front opens in two parts and the floors are removable to make them easy to fill up with tiny scenes.

I have so many more ideas… and the best thing is, they’re all so tiny I’ll have room for everything!

Caroline x

Create your own tiny world with a 1:144th scale building kit from my shop. Links below 🙂

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