A 1:144 world

This is Joe Smallson… he’s a little guy with big ideas! He set off to find his fortune and the perfect place to build a new town. He has big plans and wants to be a mayor!

He packs up his travelling companion, Gayle and sets off on an adventure…

He travels for metres looking for the perfect place to build his town.

This looks like a pretty good place…

This would make a good river!

And there’s a nice flat bit for building houses on. It looks to be exactly 1:144 scale… perfect!

That looks dark and creepy. It will have to be covered up… A pretty waterfall will be much nicer!

This looks like it would be the perfect place for a pond!

It’s almost as if someone has planned out everything that would be perfect for Joe’s ideas… what a stroke of luck to find such a great spot!

A bit of grass, some plants and trees and this could be the perfect place to live!

He names his new home and heads off for a good nights sleep. He can’t wait to get up tomorrow and start building the new town of Microscopiton!

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