Haunted Dollhouse for Halloween…

It seems as though everything’s decided it’s autumn all of a sudden this year. The nights are suddenly darker, the trees are starting to change and I’m thinking of things I can do during the longer nights. If you’re looking for something to occupy your evenings, you could try out my seasonal Halloween kit and create your own spooky haunted house.

Tiny Houses

1:144 Scale Doll Houses to build & decorate

I’m in love with 1:144 scale at the moment, it’s turning in to an obsession. When I was a kid I always wanted a Polly Pocket but my Mum thought I’d lose it in a minute so I never got one. I think I must be making up for that as an adult as I can’t stop thinking about tiny houses. I’ve just designed my second and third as kits which you can make yourself, or if you like the idea of a tiny house but don’t fancy the building part, I can make one up for you painted or unpainted so you can just do the decorating.

My first was number 77… a Victorian style house which splits in half to reveal between 4-8 tiny rooms depending on how you make it.

The second is a multi story building. The lower floor can be used as a shop and the upper floors for living areas, or whatever you fancy. Again the building splits in two revealing 4 levels with 8 wide floors to fill with tiny treasures.

And my latest is a tiny three floored house on a stand. The front opens in two parts and the floors are removable to make them easy to fill up with tiny scenes.

I have so many more ideas… and the best thing is, they’re all so tiny I’ll have room for everything!

Caroline x

Create your own tiny world with a 1:144th scale building kit from my shop. Links below 🙂

Welcome to My Miniature Room Box

A new site for miniature kits & room boxes.

I’m currently working on getting the site built and running. I hope you’ll subscribe for notifications (you can find the signup box in the sidebar on the front page) and visit often to see new work, tips and kits. If you like pictures more than words you can follow me on Instagram.

For the kits, so far I have an old fashioned style shop, a shuttered window, a conservatory and a plant room as well as a pergola and a 1:144 scale Victorian style house. They’re all cut from 2mm MDF and come with full instructions for building. Just add paint, glue and your own ideas to turn them into whatever you can imagine!

I also have a Diorama kit inspired by The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe which contains everything you need except glue and a battery to create this Miniature Book Nook Scene. 

I also have three 1:48 scale kits for full miniature scenes. They include everything except paint and glue for a witches cabinet…

A Wizards Herbarium…

And Sleeping Beauty…

You can see videos of these last three kits being built on my Youtube Channel as well as other diorama and miniatures. It’s a lot to do, but I’m hoping to add more videos and keep it updated more regularly with miniature tutorials, scenery tips and films of all of the kits I sell being built.

I hope you’ll follow along on my miniature adventure…

Caroline x